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Webinar: Merchandising for Peak

In this webinar, Bloomreach and LiveArea discuss ways to best optimise your eCommerce efforts and effectively merchandise your store to prepare for the peak period, whenever that might be this year.

Duration: 45 min


During the peak period, a considered merchandising strategy is a necessity to attract and convert new customers, so effectively merchandising your website is a crucial part of creating a seamless customer experience.

Who is this webinar for: Businesses who want to maintain strong online performance throughout the peak period.

Watch this webinar to:

  • Understand your key challenges and the competitive landscape
  • Acknowledge and optimise core processes and ways of working

  • Identify low hanging fruit to improve the customer experience and performance of your site
  • Understand how to manage the storefront during the 3 peak phases (pre-peak, peak, post-peak) 
  • Increase the visibility of your key revenue drivers  
  • Anticipate and define the key decision paths as well as potential outcomes

Meet the speakers

Shane Orchard, Head of Digital Trading & Marketing Operations EMEA at LiveArea 

Shane has extensive experience in the utilisation of product information, user-generated content and digital content strategy. He leads the digital trading and digital marketing operations team, delivering multi-channel growth for international eCommerce brands through paid media and search, personalisation, merchandising, CRM, social media, email and analytics.

Hanna Bang, Senior Manager, Site Merchandising at The Walt Disney Company

Hanna has been working in the digital space for over fifteen years and has been with The Walt Disney Company for three years. Her passion and expertise is around customer behavior analytics-driven merchandising evolution. She is also passionate about using digital behavioral analytics to not only drive product, marketing and merchandising strategies, but most importantly to use that data as a vehicle to innovate and evolve features and functionality across all digital platforms (app, mobile, desktop). Transforming the customer experience from good to great.


Merchandising for peak

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Available on-demand now

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